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Peter Seckel, All Styles of Guitar


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My Story

A Natural Music Teacher

I’ve been working as a professional musician for over 40 years.  I can’t think of anything else that would bring me such  and sense of joy every day. Accomplished in rock, blues,  jazz, country and acoustic roots music, I bring a unique ability to draw from all these styles in my playing. As a teacher I love working with students of all ages and abilities and get so much satisfaction from seeing how they grow and develop in their skills and performance. As a performer I love to interact spontaneously with the other musicians creating  a joyful experience  for ourselves as well as the audience. I've shared the stage with a variety of well known artists such as Lenny Kravitz, Jacob Dylan, and Joan Osborne.  I've composed music for my own band as well as music for national commercials. I worked as a transcriber for Guitar for the Practicing Musician Magazine. For more information, contact me today.

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Strengthening Existing Skills and Learning New Ones

Guitar Lessons

No matter your level of skill or experience, you’ll gain a lot from taking my Guitar Lessons. Each class includes practical and theoretical instruction, along with plenty of time to put your new knowledge into practice. Contact me to find out about availability.

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